• About AOP Orphan
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    About AOP Orphan

    Since its establishment 1996, AOP Orphan has focused on finding innovative solutions for Rare Diseases. Today AOP Orphan is a European pioneer in the field of Rare Diseases.

  • Patients & Relatives
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    Patients & Relatives

    Patients with rare disease often obtain little support. AOP Orphan saw potential in this need and is pleased to provide these patients with individualized therapies.


A Pioneer in Rare Diseases

AOP Orphan was one of the first companies to enter the sector of Rare Diseases in Europe and continues to be a trailblazer in the field of Orphan Diseases to this day. As a specialist in Orphan Diseases, AOP Orphan researches, develops, produces, and distributes innovative solutions in the following therapeutic areas: hematology and oncology, cardiology and pulmonology, neurology and psychiatry, and metabolic diseases. Today AOP Orphan is active at an international level with an export ratio of about 70% and has become a leading company in its home market.


The Austrian pharmaceutical pioneer AOP Orphan is now bringing Lojuxta® (lomitapide) Capsules to the Austrian market

Today AOP Orphan Pharmaceuticals AG, Austria, and Rigi Healthcare AG, Switzerland, announced the creation of Rigi Orphan Inc, USA.  The new company will focus on...

INDIANAPOLIS, IN — CONFLUENCE PHARMACEUTICALS and AOP Orphan Pharmaceuticals AG (“AOP”), announced today they have signed a definitive agreement to co-develop and market...