• As a company, we are small enough to be really close to our patients, yet we are large enough to be able to provide them high-quality, personalized customer care.

    Dr. Rudolf Widmann

    Chief Executive Officer Chairman of the Board

  • Our commitment does not stop at the company’s door. It is our guiding principle – wherever we go and whenever we’re needed.

    Dr. Georg Fischer

    Chief of Corporate Development

  • With its lean corporate structure and tight financial management AOP Orphan is able to react extremely fast and flexibly in developing new medical treatments and bringing them to patients with rare diseases.

    Mag. Andreas Steiner

    Chief Financial Officer

  • We set great store by research – even though AOP Orphan is not a large company. Top priority here is on securing the support and experience of patients.

    Dr. Christoph Klade

    Chief Scientific Officer

  • To provide patients with effective drugs COLLABORATION is the key for success- within and between pharmaceutical industry and academia.

    Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kurt Krejcy

    Chief Medical Officer

  • Our employees’ expertise and commitment is key for what we do for our patients. We invite people who thrive in an entrepreneurial and dynamic working environment. Join us and develop your career at AOP!

    Mag. Claudia Pokorny

    Head of Human Resources

  • One of the qualities of AOP I have learnt to appreciate is that AOP treats people as people with rare diseases; and not as an entry point to new markets.

    Dr. Lionel Wightman

    Chief of Strategic Development

  • Striving to help neglected patients is a privilege, but also a huge responsibility. In today’s complex world it is essential that we create a climate of trust, provide our teams with clarity and inspire them for excellence.

    Dr. Miroslaw Lubecki

    Chief Commercial Officer

  • We don’t just talk about personalised medicine – we live and breathe it

    Ralf Lenhard

    Director Business Unit Cardiology & Pulmonology

  • Imagine you find a solution to a complex rare disease and can make this available to afflicted people.

    Dr. Roland Bindeus

    Director Business Unit Hematology & Oncology

  • What drives me are the highly individual needs of patients and physicians. We try to predict these, understand them and, as a consequence, act in a rapid, professional and empathic way.

    Mag. Daniela Gruber

    Director Business Unit Neurology & Psychiatry/Gastroenterology

  • Finding solutions for apparently impossible tasks, always focusing on the patients with a deep appreciation of their disease experience makes AOP Orphan a unique partner.

    Agnes Kohl, MPharmSc

    Head of Business Development

AOP Orphan Contact

AOP Orphan worldwide

Wilhelminenstraße 91/IIf
1160 Vienna, Austria


A Pioneer in Rare Diseases

AOP Orphan was one of the first companies to enter the sector of Rare Diseases in Europe and continues to be a trailblazer in the field of Orphan Diseases to this day. As a specialist in Orphan Diseases, AOP Orphan researches, develops, produces, and distributes innovative solutions in the following therapeutic areas: hematology and oncology, cardiology and pulmonology, neurology and psychiatry, and metabolic diseases. Today AOP Orphan is active at an international level with an export ratio of about 70% and has become a leading company in its home market.


AOP Orphan supports the Christian Doppler Laboratory for Iron Metabolism and Anemia Research at the Medical University of Innsbruck, Austria, opening on January 31st,...