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Wilhelminenstraße 91/IIf
1160 Vienna, Austria


Know How and Passion

Our management team at AOP Orphan is composed of a highly skilled set of experts whose careers and educational background in natural sciences have set them above their peers. They are a clear representation of the competence and professionalism that is found in each of our employees.

Led by our founder Dr. Rudolf Widmann, these experts form a potent management team consisting of a variety of personalities with different strengths and perspectives. Furthermore, all of our experts share a common educational background: Dr. Rudolf Widmann, Dr. Georg Fischer and Dr. Christoph Klade all graduated in natural science and have acquired extensive research experience from both university institutions and industry research facilities. However, what binds them all together is not their common scientific background but rather their passion for fighting Orphan Diseases.

It is this passion that drives our management team and all of our employees to fully commit themselves to developing and producing efficient drugs that can effectively fight Orphan Diseases and enhance the quality of the patient’s life to the greatest extent possible.


Dr. Rudolf Widmann

Chief Executive Officer
Chairman of the Board

Agnes Kohl

Agnes Kohl, MPharmSc

Head of Business Development

Dr. Roland Bindeus

Director Business Unit Hematology & Oncology

Mag. Andreas Steiner

Chief Financial Officer
Board Member

Dr. Lionel Wightman

Chief of Strategic Development

Ralf Lenhard

Director Business Unit Cardiology & Pulmonology

Mag. Daniela Gruber

Director Business Unit
Neurology & Psychiatry/Gastroenterology