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Mag. Claudia Pokorny Head of Human Resources

"Our employees’ expertise and commitment is key for what we do for our patients. We invite people who thrive in an entrepreneurial and dynamic working environment. Join us and develop your career at AOP Orphan!"

Mag. Andreas Steiner CEO | Chairman of the Board

"AOP Orphan is the European pioneer in Orphan Diseases unconditionally committed to bringing not only drugs but full treatment support to patients with rare diseases."

Dr. Rudolf Widmann Chief Therapeutics Development Officer | Board Member | Founder

"As a company, we are small enough to be really close to our patients, yet we are large enough to be able to provide them high-quality, personalized customer care."

Dr. Gunther Krumpl Chief Corporate Development Officer | Board Member

"AOP Orphan having international expertise in pharmaceutical and clinical development as well as distribution and marketing of drugs in the rare disease area offers flexible solutions for in- and out-licensing partnerships."

Mag. Petra Lanz Chief Commercial Officer

"Every day we at AOP Orphan consolidate our knowledge, expertise and energy to ensure that the patients get necessary treatments available notwithstanding the market complexity and challenges."

Dr. Christoph Klade Chief Scientific Officer

"AOP Orphan has successfully developed a number of innovative treatment options in recent years. To arrive at these, our thinking is guided above all by patient needs."

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kurt Krejcy Chief Medical Officer

"To provide patients with effective drugs COLLABORATION is the key for success- within and between pharmaceutical industry and academia."

Dr. Roland Bindeus Director Business Unit Hematology & Oncology

"Imagine you find a solution to a complex rare disease and can make this available to afflicted people."

Mag. Daniela Gruber Director Business Unit Neurology & Metabolic Disorders

"What drives me are the highly individual needs of patients and physicians. We try to predict these, understand them and, as a consequence, act in a rapid, professional and empathic way."

Agnes Kohl, MPharmSc Director Business & Program Development

"Finding solutions for apparently impossible tasks, always focusing on the patients with a deep appreciation of their disease experience makes AOP Orphan a unique partner."

15. 11. 2018

Innovation Award MERCUR ’18

AOP ORPHAN is the winner of the WKW innovation award MERCUR’18 in the category ”Life Science”

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Rare Diseases

AOP Orphan is committed to helping people with rare diseases.

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19. 01. 2019


AOP Orphan announces EU Marketing Authorization for BESREMi®

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