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AOP Orphan to market the innovative antiarrhythmic drug BRINAVESS® exclusively in Central Europe

25. 8. 2014

Internationally renowned pharmaceutical expert Hans Peter Hasler strengthens AOP Orphan Supervisory Board

2. 5. 2014

Partnership between AOP Orphan and Ferrer: Joint marketing of Adasuve® in CEE

10. 7. 2013

AOP Orphan Expands and Enlarges the Management Team

10. 7. 2013

AOP Orphan Pharmaceuticals announces progress of pivotal phase III trial PROUD-PV of novel mono-pegylated Interferon alpha 2b for the treatment of Polycythemia vera

10. 7. 2013

AOP Orphan expands its range of special cardiovascular preparations

4. 7. 2013


Huntington’s Disease Awareness May, 2020

"If you get diagnosed do not hide your head in the sand. Stay open, positive and keep up the hope for a cure. It is important to go on with regular life as long as possible, for example to continue working, meeting friends and family, having hobbies! Such non-medical treatments as regular exercising, physiotherapy, logotherapy and massage etc also have a positive impact!"

PH Awareness Day May 5, 2020

Univ. Prof. Irene Lang, MD

"The time taken to establish the correct diagnosis of chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension is on average about 14 months. However, the disease process starts much earlier - at a time when nobody has any idea about pulmonary hypertension. I know of one case that took 30 years to turn into a manifested disease!"

MPN Awareness Day on Sep 12, 2019

Prof. Dr. Martin Griesshammer Director, Department of Hematology, Oncology, Hemostaseology and Palliative Medicine, Mühlenkreis clinics

"MPNs is a chronic haematological disease group caused by a stem-cell disorder."

Photos and Infographs

  • Infograph: Integrated care for rare diseases
    Bridging the gap to improve the lives of 30 million people in Europe.
    Infograph: Juggling care and daily life
    The balancing act of the rare disease community.
    Rare diseases seriously impact everyday life.

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