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Wilhelminenstraße 91/IIf
1160 Vienna, Austria


Core piece of our company philosophies

At AOP Orphan corporate responsibility is an essential part of our philosophy that has played an indispensable role from the very beginning.

Our sense of responsibility has defined our mission from the outset i.e. to successfully help people with Rare Diseases, shaping the company and making it what it is today.

We believe that providing direct and personal care for patients and their family members is the most important part of the AOP Orphan corporate responsibility. When it comes to wanting the best for the patients, we stand side-by-side with physicians, therapists and other stakeholders.

At the same time we strive to offer our own employees a friendly and positive atmosphere to work in. Our male and female employees work in a gender-balanced environment, which is designed to provide women with equal employment opportunities. All of our employees are also given access the same opportunities to combine family life with work life.

Finally, we believe that a multicultural team enriches corporate development at AOP Orphan. Thus we are always interested in employees of varying ethnicities, cultures and nationalities.

AOP Orphan is proud to support:

Association „MPN Austria Selbsthilfegruppe“
ZVR-Nr 1923728665



Association „PH Austria - Initiative Lungenhochdruck“
ZVR-Nr 299164521



Association “Pro Rare Austria Allianz für seltene Erkrankungen”
ZVR-Nr 066216826