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AOP Orphan worldwide

Wilhelminenstraße 91/IIf
1160 Vienna, Austria

How does AOP Orphan research and develop?

From an idea to a drug

In the area of medical research, AOP Orphan handles projects at a broad range of different developmental stages: from early clinical trials (phase 1) and multinational registration trials that cover all patients in Europe (phase III) to clinical studies performed with registered medicine with the goal of optimizing administration or placing the medicine at the disposal of other patients.

A worldwide network

AOP Orphan does not own any laboratories, manufacturing facilities or clinics. Instead it relies on a worldwide network of professional service providers to implement its research projects. AOP Orphan is the owner of the physical and intellectual property rights (patents) to an active pharmaceutical ingredient or a research project and calls on the services of external providers (contract X organizations – CXOs) to handle the operational aspects, whether this be in the areas of pharmaceutical, preclinical or clinical research. This ensures that both the intellectual property and research stays at AOP Orphan.

A highly motivated team of experts

The research team at AOP Orphan covers all essential aspects of a research project: from pre-clinical research to toxicology, pharmaceutical development, clinical development, regulatory affairs, quality management, pharmacovigilance and project management. Experts within each of these specific fields work with external providers (contract X organizations – CXOs) to carry out ambitious research projects.