Development Cooperation

AOP Orphan is deeply involved in research and development activities and is therefore able to serve as a highly competent partner for other companies.

AOP Orphan’s Research and Development department based in Vienna has a broad expertise and is highly specialized:

Special know-how
AOP Orphan’s experts provide special know-how for small molecules and biologics. The in-house regulatory affairs department files applications in centralized and decentralized procedures as well as nationally in- and outside the European Union.
Collaboration at every stage
Thanks to the exceptional medical knowledge of AOP Orphan’s employees, collaboration and project inclusion can occur at every development stage. AOP Orphan' focuses on rare diseases. 
Excellent access 
Excellent access
Close ties with leading medical experts in the respective treatment areas permits excellent access to study centres and testing physicians in the core markets, in order to carry out clinical trials.
Fully integrated
AOP Orphan covers all functions in-house – the teams are cooperating closely to create and provide the best treatments for rare disease patients.
Fully integrated