AOP Orphan looks for partnerships beyond the company’s core territory to bring AOP Orphan products to rare disease patients across the globe. To reach this goal, AOP Orphan is flexible to discuss different partnership relations ranging from license cooperation to pure distribution agreements. Within the framework of out-licensing, AOP Orphan issues marketing rights for products developed in - house. This relates particularly to regions where AOP Orphan does not pursue any commercial activities itself.

Our licensing partners are active in North and South America, Africa, South-East Asia, Australia, and Russia.

AOP Orphan uses different pathways to identify potential partners. The company’s business development experts attend international congresses to find out about interesting projects, innovative drugs and make new contacts. AOP Orphan makes also use of partnering agents who highlight potential collaborations and pave the way for in-depth conversation.

Using the filter below you can find products potentially available for out-licensing in specific countries, including their current regulatory status. 

You are welcome to express your interest by sending a message to our dedicated team at