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AOP Orphan worldwide

Wilhelminenstraße 91/IIf
1160 Vienna, Austria

Working Culture

What to expect from AOP Orphan as an employer? Our driving values describe our company spirit. You find them in our offices, our meetings, our products – it´s the way we work.

What we do | How we work


We do our utmost for people suffering from rare diseases. With a good instinct and a hands-on mind-set, we combine existing research and apply it to special indications. Even if reaching the goal seems impossible, we don ́t give up. We rely on experts as colleagues and often turn projects around. Tailoring what we do to our patients ́needs is what drives us.


Our corporate spirit builds on intrapreneurship and can-do-attitude. AOP provides a unique working environment for those who are addicted to pioneering and flexibility. Ideas and personal growth are welcome. In the open atmosphere of our small teams, all employees accept responsibility. They are always ready to take the case and care for every single patient.


Our treatments go beyond just drugs. Sincere from the start, we have been focusing on neglected patients for the last twenty years. As a privately owned and managed Austrian pioneer, we enjoy a very good international reputation as experts and partners. We are financially independent and finance our research and development exclusively with our earnings. Our coordinated work creates a major impact on our patients ́ lives.