• AOP having international expertise in pharmaceutical and clinical development as well as distribution and marketing of drugs in the rare disease area offers flexible solutions for in- and out-licensing partnerships.

    Dr. Günther Krumpl

    Chief Corporate Development Officer

  • Finding solutions for apparently impossible tasks, always focusing on the patients with a deep appreciation of their disease experience makes AOP Orphan a unique partner.

    Agnes Kohl, MPharmSc

    Head of Business Development

  • As a company, we are small enough to be really close to our patients, yet we are large enough to be able to provide them high-quality, personalized customer care.

    Dr. Rudolf Widmann

    Chief Executive Officer Chairman of the Board

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AOP Orphan Contact

AOP Orphan worldwide

Wilhelminenstraße 91/IIf
1160 Vienna, Austria


Partnering is of key importance to AOP Orphan. On the one hand, it enables AOP Orphan to widen its sphere of influence beyond the core markets in Europe. On the other, it forms the basis for developing the portfolio. 

About us

Over the past fifteen years, AOP Orphan has been able to position itself as a European pioneer in the field of rare diseases. Here you find more about the owner-led, Austrian company.
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Why work with us

AOP Orphan is an excellent partner, both in research and in the market. This is because the company is heavily involved in research and development activities itself and, at the same time, is very familiar with the core markets in Europe and the Middle East and all their differences, thanks to their local market activities.
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What we are looking for

For AOP Orphan, partnerships can go both ways – in the form of in-licensing and out-licensing agreements. In both cases, a trusting collaboration is based on having equal footing, seriousness, expertise and passion for the matter at hand.
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Case studies

The following success stories demonstrate how fruitful a partnership with AOP Orphan can be.
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Meet us

These events are an excellent opportunity to meet AOP Orphan.
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If you are interested in establishing a partnership with AOP Orphan, please contact us.
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